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 Have you been wanting to visit Africa?

Nolafrique is proud to be launching IWARI. We invite you to discover Africa. Iwari means to ‘discover’ in Yoruba, a language native to West Africa and that is exactly what we want you to do!

It is time for you to experience Africa to its fullest capacity. Not just the tourist attractions, but the Africa that we know and love. When you discover Africa with Iwari you are signing up to experience the cultural and local Africa. We will spend some days going on Safari tours and visiting all of the amazing beaches but other days we will volunteer with local communities, cook with African women in their homes, and experience the beautiful daily life that Africa has to offer. 

Are you thinking “the plane ticket is too expensive, Africa is too far, where will you stay, who will you know, what will you do, can you even speak the language?” Well, these are all benefits of discovering Africa with Iwari. You will not travel alone, each country will have a group of about 15 people who will be arriving on Africa’s soil for the first time. More importantly, there is a group of local people waiting on you at the airport to welcome you and help you experience their country. I, the owner of Nolafrique, will also be at the airport waiting your arrival. 

When you discover Africa with Iwari you are given  the freedom to sit back, relax, and just wait for your travel date. Let the experts handle the planning. Upon registration, you receive an all inclusive epic African adventure itinerary that is fully planned with the perfect balance of cultural, historical, and paradisiac African experiences. We even provide you with a suggestive packing list. We will have conference calls and video chats prior to your arrival. By time you land in Africa, the entire group will feel like a family.  All you have to do is choose the African experience that best suits you!

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