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Nolafrique is a proud supporter of #BLM

About Us

Nolafrique is an online boutique that sources 100% authentic clothing and accessories directly from the continent of Africa. Our merchandise comes straight from Africa and is delivered directly to your doorstep. Nolafrique currently supports local artist and merchants in Senegal, Gambia, Ghana, and South Africa. About twenty percent of our partners within these countries have different nationalities. The goal of Nolafrique is to expose the diaspora to African merchandise while also educating the diaspora on the origin and culture of our merchandise. Ninety percent of our products are named in one of the native languages in which the merchandise comes from. Each purchase is sent with an information card that provides detailed information about culture in the given country.

Nolafrique specifically targets and continue to connect with local artist on the continent who lack access to a greater demand for their products outside of everyday tourist. Eighty percent of the merchants that we work with are women who travel to the inner city to sell their goods and then travel back to their villages. Working with these artist enables Nolafrique to have the dollars that our customers spend directly impact the lives of our partners and their families on the continent. Nolafrique is a black owned business that specifically targets and supports African vendors and artist. If you are an interested local vendor living on the continent of Africa, please email us at service@nolafrique.com