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How is Nolafrique Different?

Posted by Tareian King on

How is Nolafrique Different?

Pictured above: Zahra Gueye, Tareian King, and Adia Fall in Dakar Senegal. Zahra and Adia are young Senegalese artisans creating products for Nolafrique. They both use the income to fund their university fees.

 Have you ever wondered what makes Nolafrique different from any other company selling African prints? What's the difference from buying shea butter or a head-wrap off the street? It appears to be the same product, but let us explain five ways we are different.....


A tribe is a group of people, or a community with similar values or interests; a group that has the shared purpose. Nolafrique is not e-commerce, Nolafrique is a community. We go above and beyond for our customers and partners in Africa transcends business. We host meet and greets in our communities, we talk for hours on international calls to our artisans on matters unrelated to business. We develop strong relationships with any individual who engages with Nolafrique. When you support Nolafrique, you become apart of that tribe.


Nolafrique is proud to work with African artisans who reside on the African continent. Our merchandise is exported directly from countries such as Ghana, Senegal, and The Gambia. Nolafrique's goal is to provide economic opportunities to those who lack access to a global markets and to create sustainability. Nolafrique provides professional development training for each and every artisan. 


Nolafrique's fabrics are 100% authentic.  Our artisans in Ghana make their fabric by hand. Others, purchase their fabrics directly from others who have handmade their fabrics. Every dollar you spend with Nolafrique, is shared with at least three other African merchants on the continent. Your buttons, zippers, and thread are all purchased within Africa, from Africans.


We believe that by working primarily with mothers, we impact the financial security of their families.  A substantial amount of the women who are mothers o earn their children's school fees by working with Nolafrique. When you support Nolafrique, you support them.


At Nolafrique, we value quality.  Every product you buy from Nolafrique has been hand-made by our artisans. Nolafrique allows our partners to decide how many items they would like to make in each style. If you see something, buy it right away! There is no guarantee that we will have it again. Nolafrique's products are truly one of a kind. 

...understand now?

There is truly no comparison to what Nolafrique has created. We are sending children to school, teaching people how to be entrepreneurs, encouraging sustainability, contributing to the development of Africa, teaching the world about African culture, and building familial relationships. Nolafrique is a movement. 


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  • I purchased a product a few weeks ago and received a card about the women who made my shea butter. It was so in detail that I was able to understand that the owner must have a personal relationship with the women. I learned about the language they speak, the village they live in, how they sustain themselves and their favorite quote. It was very personal and I appreciated it!

    Ashley Brown on

  • very impressive profile and a good venture for the African women. Keep it up!

    Anna Mensah on

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